Blended Teaching

Data Analysis for Real Estate


Most adults do not know how to manage and interpret data and even fewer know how to employ statistics to turn their data into information. We designed this set of resources to be relevant and applicable to the real world and to give you the necessary tools to make informed decisions using data.

By the end of this set of resources, you will have built the necessary tools to analyze your own data and make informed decisions with statistics. You will be able to better manage financial risks, and you will have developed concrete skills demanded by industry.

Key Learning Outcomes:

You will learn the foundations of data management and statistics, specifically:

  1. Data management and cleaning in Excel

  2. Best practices of data visualization

  3. Core mechanics of basic statistics

  4. Financial analysis and risk mitigation

  5. Advanced sensitivity analysis to test future scenarios

  6. Intermediate statistical modeling techniques such as ANOVA & Regression