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Real Estate Investment


  • ⏰ Viewing Time: 28h:12m

  • 📊 Level: Real Estate Degree (Undergraduate & Masters)

  • 🏋️‍♀️ Auto-Graded Assignments: 5

  • 💬 Discussions: 4

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This set of resources has been developed to give you the core skills they need to analyse real estate investments and the essential Excel skills you will need. These skills are essential for anyone seeking a career in investment, asset management, development, valuation and agency.

Key Learning Outcomes

This Classbook will teach you essential real estate investment valuation skills, including:

  1. Welcome to Real Estate Investment: [text] 0h:25m

  2. Real Estate Economics: [text] 🖥️ 5h:00m

  3. The Investment Industry: [text] 🖥️ 1h:07m

  4. REIT Foundations: Understand what are REIT is and the 10 rules a real estate company must abide by in order to become a REIT. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of investing in REITs and understand types of REITs. 🖥️ 1h:13m

  5. Financial Theory: Understand and apply the key principles of real estate finance, including the time value of money, risk and return. Calculate NPV, IRR, and the valuation of annuities and perpetuities on both Excel and calculator. 🖥️ 4h:50m

  6. Valuation Mathematics: [text] 🖥️ 1h:22m

  7. Excel Bootcamp: [text] 🖥️ 3h:19m

  8. Introduction to DCF Investment Valuation: [text] 🖥️ 3h:44m

  9. Investment Valuation of Real Buildings: [text] 🖥️ 3h:52m

  10. Making Investment Decisions: Understand the investment process undertaken by professional investors. Identify, evaluate and price the risks of potential investments. Build sensitivity tables in Excel and use them to identify which risks need mitigation. 🖥️ 2h:30m

  11. Making Investment Decisions: [text] 🖥️ 2h:50m


I. Introduction
II. Real Estate Investment Markets
III. Valuation Theory
IV. Investment Valuation Skills
VI. Investment Analysis