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Excel Bootcamp for Real Estate


  • ⏰ Viewing Time: 3h:19m

  • 📊 Level: Foundations

  • 🧑‍🏫 Educator: Phil Laney

  • 🌎 Region: Global 🌏

  • 📜 Certificate: Score over 70% on the final quiz.


Excel is THE foundational tool in business and investing for forecasting, data analysis, and even graphs! If you are going into the real estate industry, it's essential that you know how to use Excel.

At the end of this, you will be able to confidently use Excel in industry. You will be able to use these skills as a foundation to develop more complex skills, including data analysis, cash flow forecasting, and more.

Key Learning Outcomes

You're about to learn the essentials of Excel in about 5 hours. You don't need to go anywhere else; this is everything you will need to build your essential skills. Think of this as a foundation; you can build your career on top of this. You'll cover essentials like:

  1. The structure of Excel (Workbooks, worksheets, the ribbon, cells, columns, rows, zooming in and out)

  2. How to traverse Excel using the keyboard (and leaving the mouse behind)

  3. Essential functions (cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, paste special, deleting cells, inserting cells, adjusting column widths, hardcoding cells, editing cells)

  4. Essential formatting (decimals, percentages, csv, bold, italics, lines, merging cells, code for cell formatting)

  5. Essential formula (sum, subtract, divide, multiply, SUMIF)

  6. Building formula (anchoring, conditional statements, building formula in parts)

  7. Conditional statements (IF, nested IF, AND, OR, bullet IFs)



  10. Dates (EOMONTH, EDATE, YEAR, NOW, timeline construction)

Your Instructor

Phil Laney is a real estate private equity investor in Europe with over 15 years of experience, $4bn+ of transactions, and his own fund. To be a successful investor or developer, you need to know more than just skills. You need to know how, why, and when to use those skills. Phil is passionate about teaching this full spectrum.

Getting Started

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  • You don't have a set time to complete this. Go as fast or slow as you like.

  • Once you have completed the final quizzes successfully, you will be awarded a certificate, which we recommend you upload to Linkedin to evidence your continued professional development.